March & April Messy Church

In March we were looking at how important it is to forgive each other and ask for forgiveness. Darning holes in cardboard socks was surprisingly popular and was a reminder that we need to mend broken relationships; God’s love being like the wool mending the holes in our lives. We also need to say thank you to those who help us, so we decorated ‘thank you mugs’ to give to someone special.

During the school Easter holidays there were activity stations in St Mary’s and St Michael’s chancel, exploring the Easter story. There was an activity and something to think about at each point, as well as part of the story, told as by an eye witness, all linked by brightly coloured footprints leading the way. We started with Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey and finished at the empty tomb, but then there was the whole story to print out in different coloured paint to take home!

Messy Church

March – forgiveness and mending relationships

Easter activity

April – the Easter story